Local Officer Libya – Ziraa project

ZIRAA- Enhancing the Agrofood sector in Libya towards sustainable agriculture

Deadline per la candidatura:



as soon as possible

Durata del progetto:

12 months


ICU is an international non-governmental organization recognized by the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which carries out development cooperation projects in the countries of the South of the world and promotes information and education initiatives on issues of international solidarity.

Programme: ICU, in partnership with the Libyan KAFAA Development Foundation, will implement the project “ZIRAA- Enhancing the Agrofood sector in Libya towards sustainable agriculture”, as part of a second phase of Baladyiati programme funded by AICS (funds from EU Trust Fund for Africa- North Africa window) with the aim of supporting Socio-economic Development in Libya.

The ICU project will Support the Agrofood Sector through a series of interventions in Southern municipalities of Murzuq, Ribyana, Sebha and Ubari among which:

  1. Training to cooperatives and farmers on agricultural best practises and basic management skills and Vocational training and technical assistance to farmers for alternatives income generating activities (beekeeping- breeding);
  2. Delivery of eco-sustainable tools and equipment (equipment machines, agricultural and livestock items);
  3. Organisation of events on sustainable and innovative technology.

Type of contract: Employment Contract/Full-time

Duration of contract: Six months with possibility of extension (one month probation period)

Place of work: Sebha, Libya

Intended tasks:
• Behind the instructions of the Project Manager and in support of the Liaison Officer, coordinates and manages the project activities on site;
• Responsible for supervising and reporting on the activities of ICU and the local project partner;

•Coordinates the actions to be implemented, oversees risk control and promptly reports to the Project Manager;
• Acts as project representative at Libyan level with local and national authorities and supports the Liaison Officer in political and institutional meetings with Libyan authorities;
• Encourages the creation of positive working relationships with health facilities, the local project partner the CSOs involved in the initiative, including the organisation of regular formal and informal meetings for the advancement of activities;
• Support in sourcing project materials and items, including working with project technical staff to define needs and oversee the purchasing process;
• In collaboration with the Project Manager and Administrator based in Tunisia, supervises the correct financial execution and monitors the on-site project expenses for reporting;
• Carry out regular monitoring visits in project areas to supervise the implementation of activities and ensure the visibility of the project in coordination with the Communication Officer in Tunis and in accordance with the Communication Guidelines of the Donor;
• Supports in the administrative, accounting and logistics management of the project on site;
• Ensures good management, coordination and monitoring of the activities;
• Support the purchasing activities at the request of the Project Manager (revises the technical specifications for the purchase of goods, carries out market surveys, draws up currency reports..)

•Monitor inventory management and procurement; supports the Administrator in inventory organization and purchasing planning and maintains contacts with local service providers;

• Available to accompany project staff during missions on the areas of intervention.

Titles, skills and experience:

•             Minimum degree required: Bachelor’s degree. A degree in social sciences, political science, cooperation and international relations will be given preferential status.

• Knowledge of languages: excellent command of Arabic and English.

• Degree of experience: at least 2 years of experience in implementing development and/or humanitarian aid projects with other NGOs, as well as experience in accounting and financial management, supply chain management and procurement.

• Communication skills, time management, quality and result orientation, teamwork.

• Computer skills: excellent command of the office package (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook).

How to apply

  • Updated CV (PDF) in English, renamed “Local Officer Lybia – First Name Last Name_CV”;
  • Explanatory letter (PDF) in English, covering at least the following topics: any prior knowledge of ICU or its staff, how your personal and professional experience can be useful and valued for this position especially with regard to the basic requirements, monthly salary expected (specify if net/gross), date of first availability. Rename the file “Local Officer Libya Agro – First Name Last Name_Motivation Letter”;

The deadline for applications is 03 June 2023. However, interviews of suitable candidates may begin as applications are received. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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