ICU awarded in Washington as finalist of the programme Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge For Development.

ICU a Wastington PAEGCOn November 20, 2015, in Washington, USAID awarded ICU as one of the 13 finalists of the programme “Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand Challenge For Development” which aims to increase food security and economic growth through the introduction of effective and affordable renewable energy technologies for farmers in developing countries of the world.

Selected from a pool of 871 applications, ICU presented the solution “PV – Integrated Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Systems” for drip irrigation and fertilizer injection pump powered by photovoltaic panels, coupled with a financial solution to accompany the credit for farmers in Lebanon and Jordan.

In addition , farmers will be supported in accessing funding for the installation of the system and through a training program.

The award ceremony of ICU on the web and in the speech of Dr. Ryan Shelby, USAID Program Manager

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