We carry out development projects in countries with limited resources and promote their self-development

ICU is an International Non-Governmental Organization recognized by the European Commission and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  implementing development co-operation projects in developing countries and fostering information and education on international solidarity issues.

Promotion of human dignity

The focus on dignity of human being, as an individual willing to learn and responsible for his own future and that of his community is a fundamental cornerstone supporting our activities. This is the successful approach that has led to ICU’s constitution and that continues to inspire our activities.

Work with us

To support the development of academic institutions in developing countries, in the belief that the research method of university, able to be creative and rigorous at the same time, can be put at the service of man to find possible solutions to under development problems.


ICU works with many national and international, institutional and civil society actors to carry out its activities in the countries of intervention.

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