ICU donne promotes selective sorting and composting in a pilot neighborhood in Nabeul

On July 20, 2023, an awareness-raising day was held in Hay Wafa, a district of Nabeul, on the importance of composting and the steps involved, as part of the Nabeul Ville Verte (NVV) project co-funded by the European Union. The day was a continuation of the activities to encourage recycling at source and the use of organic fertilisers derived from composting, which the municipality of Nabeul has been implementing since January 2023. The event was attended by residents of the Hay Wafa model neighbourhood, a representative of the Centre de Formation et d'Appui à la Décentralisation, an expert from the Institut Belge des Consultants Environnementaux, and an expert from the Agence Nationale de Gestion des Déchets (ANGeD) on the importance of organic fertilisers. This awareness-raising day was organised to benefit local residents, and gave the project team, staff from the Municipality of Nabeul, local associations, institutions and beneficiaries from the district the opportunity to discuss the implementation of environmental projects linked to the recycling and valorisation of waste (such as NVV), the correct management of household waste, respect for the environment, and the needs and concerns of the population. For the occasion, ICU, through the European funds of the Nabeul Ville Verte project, donated 20 composters to houses and residences in the neighbourhood to encourage recycling and composting. During the event, an ANGeD expert explained the steps involved in composting, the different situations a citizen might encounter during the composting process and the solutions available if problems arise. The experience of a citizen who composted at home was also reviewed. The municipality, in cooperation with ANGeD, will be organising a training day for citizens who have received the composters to help them take advantage of the equipment and promote this new habit.

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