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Lebanon: 402 beneficiaries involved in public services for communities in Hermel and Al Ain thanks to S.I.R. project.

S.I.R. is a Cash for Work project funded by AICS, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. It was initiated by ICU in Lebanon in September 2022 with the aim of creating temporary employment opportunities to support the Lebanese and refugee vulnerable population and the municipalities of Hermel and Al Ain, in managing the economic and socialconsequences of the crisis. Specifically, the project’s objective is to facilitate resilience and social stability by improving access to income for 402 vulnerable Lebanese and refugee individuals and to rehabilitated infrastructures and public services for the local communities.

In the past weeks, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Lebanon and the Municipalities of Hermel and Al Ain, the beneficiaries’ identification and selection phase was completed, as well as the provision of necessary equipment for the correct implementation of the daily activities (working tools, working kits and COVID-19 preventing materials). Starting from the beginning of September 2023, 402 beneficiaries have been engaged in the implementation of public services to the community, such as cleaning public buildings and green spaces, as well as fixing roads and canals, signing a contract for 60 working days with the project partner municipalities.

ICU provided all the materials needed for the proper implementation of daily activities, purchasing not only kits to distribute to temporary workers, but also work tools and COVID-19 prevention materials.

The project team worked closely with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Mayors of Hermel and Al Ain Municipalities to ensure an adequate and effective response to the needs of the target communities. This fruitful collaboration facilitated the strengthening of relations between ICU and local authorities.

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