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Project Wisper, visit to the solar installations

The activities of the WISPER Project are coming alive both in Jordan and Tunisia. The WISPER Project – Water-efficient Innovative Solutions Portfolio for Enhancing Resilience – is funded by the European Union and aims to promote more efficient use of water in rural areas in two beneficiary countries, Tunisia and Jordan. This issue is very topical considering the increasing impact of climate change on water resources. The WISPER project completed the preliminary phase and the installation of the machinery at the beneficiaries began. In Tunisia, the first installations of solar panels have been completed that will allow farmers to pump water to the surface using clean energy and at no cost. In Jordan, however, the installation of waste water reuse plants has begun, which will allow beneficiaries to save water for agricultural purposes. The WISPER project is implemented in cooperation with NARC and INRGREF, the Ministry Agricultural Research Institutes of the two countries of intervention. This is because the project proposes innovative technical solutions in water management and their subsequent promotion also through training activities.

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For more info, please visit the website of the EU Programme WES_MED financing the WISPER project.

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