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ICU Stories

19 December 2023

. Fatima is a 40-year-old housewife from Sebha who, despite all the adversities life has brought her, continues to fight...

19 December 2023

. S.I.R. Project in Lebanon showcases the profound impact of ICU’s collective efforts. Meet Nour, a resilient 21-year-old Syrian woman,...

19 December 2023

Pelagie Akimanizanye, a 37-year-old mother of three from Bushoki hill in the picturesque Nyirangarama, Northern Rwanda, is a testament to...

13 December 2023

Tecpán is a municipality in the department of Chimaltenango in the western part of Guatemala, located 87 kilometers from Guatemala...

24 April 2015

Water resources are an essential element for life, economic development, ecosystem and are the basis of agricultural production. They are...

24 April 2010

“Now we know how they are, they play and think the guys on the other side of the border”, say...

24 April 2009

“This school is a challenge for us and for the government. Anyone who came here and gave a look at...

24 March 2009

“Strengthen the interest and commitment of the young generation towards development cooperation from case studies. With this objective, ICU has...

24 April 2008

Jordan river, a river disputed for centuries. Divided in half, with a “near side” – the West Bank, territory tormented,...

24 April 2007

Holy Christmas 2007. A special issue of Stories ICU to extend our most sincere wishes to all the friends who...

24 February 2007

It ‘s been just over a year after the war that brought Lebanon under the bombs and the rubble: a...

24 January 2007

“I wish to express my deepest gratitude to ICU and the Delegation of the European Commission, for their valuable contributions...

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