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Lebanon – Transforming Lives: Nour’s Inspiring Journey with S.I.R. – Cash for Work


S.I.R. Project in Lebanon showcases the profound impact of ICU’s collective efforts. Meet Nour, a resilient 21-year-old Syrian woman, whose life has taken a positive turn thanks to the opportunities provided by our project.

Nour was pursuing her studies in law but she stopped last year when she faced financial challenges disrupting her education as she couldn’t afford expenses such as transportation, university tuition and the cost of books. Her father works as a daily worker in one of the shops in the village and his whole income covers basic needs for the family such as food, fuel in winter and medicine. The economic crisis, currency collapse, and lack of support from both local and international NGOs or any other parties left her helpless in pursuit of her dream. However, a job opportunity she found on Al Ain Town’s Facebook page changed a lot for Nour.

After successfully registering and undergoing the selection process for S.I.R. Project that encouraged women to apply, Nour was chosen to be part of the project. She started a transformative journey that not only secured her university tuition but also built friendships across genders and ethnic backgrounds.

“When I started the job, there was a fear of working with different people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and genders. Day by day, this barrier was broken and friendships were built”

S.I.R. Project not only provided her with the means to achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer but also facilitated the process of building bridges between refugees and the host community in Lebanon. During breaks, diverse team members shared stories and meals, creating an atmosphere of unity and understanding.

“This opportunity helped me to secure the university tuition so I will graduate and obtain a Bachelor’s degree and even support my family with some expenses”

Nour is grateful to all contributors of the S.I.R. Project that helped her pursue her dream. She hopes that there will be more projects like S.I.R. in the future, particularly focused on vocational training. She recognizes the potential for sustainable income for vulnerable individuals, ensuring a lasting impact even after the project finishes.

Nour’s story is an example of the transformative power and contribution to positive change that ICU makes.











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